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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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DEHUMANIZATION                           57

existence: it was the declaration of autonomy for
thought, not for man himself. This autonomy
was proclaimed in all spheres of social and
cultural life, and everywhere it brought about
the dissociation of these various phases of life
from the integral man. The autonomy of eco-
nomic life, for instance, created the fatal figure
of the " economic man" who is really no man
at all. The crisis and decline of the freedom of
thought is in direct causal relation with the fact
that it is not so much man's thought which is
set free, as that thought has been set free from
man, has become autonomous. But this auto-
nomy is something quite different from freedom*
By the same token, the autonomy of the moral
law is not the freedom of man. Here we find
the roots of the processes now at work in the
world. All the various autonomies, that of
thought, which has become the dogma of " free-
thought/* the autonomy of economics, which
has been transformed into capitalism, the auto-
nomy of morals, now become dead legalism—
all forget man himself, his true integrity. And
the modern denial of liberty, of man himself, can-
not be overcome by the autonomies of thought,
of morals and of economics, for these are the
very causes of the modern denial of liberty.
The only thing which can stand against all these
processes is integral man himself, with his feet